Paws For Summer Pet Health

August Blog Post (1)

It seems wherever you go in the Lake Tahoe/Reno region, there are wagging tails and bright eyes looking for a scratch behind the ears, and with summer, our shaggy companions are out in full force. We are fortunate to live in dog-friendly communities where summer adventures include our beloved 4-legged friends on hiking and biking trails, outdoor events, cool days at the lake, or farmers’ markets. 



Whether you’re a resident, vacationing at Lake Tahoe, or thinking of calling Reno home, environmental conditions unique to our region can affect your animal’s well-being. Not just for dogs, protecting your pet’s health during summer is paws-itively easy with these tips:


? Have A Plan: Before heading out for Alpine adventures, take a moment to make sure you have a plan of action and protective gear for your pet. Learn how heat exposure can affect your dog, including interactions with medications. 


? Altitude: Did you know pets can get altitude sickness just like people? When you visit Lake Tahoe (elevation 6,225), speak with your veterinarian before departure. Our sunshine can be deceptively intense, and protecting your pet guarantees everyone a vacation to remember.  



? Sunscreen/Pest Protection: Use veterinarian-approved preventive treatments to protect your dog from summertime fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and sunburn. After hiking or outdoor activities, check your pet, including those fuzzy ears, for insects or thorny plants that may be hitching a ride.  


? Hydration: Besides keeping yourself hydrated, pack fresh water and a portable bowl for your sidekick. 


? Shade: Provide plenty of shade at home or during your travels with good airflow for your 4-legged companions. This should include travel accommodations, vehicles during road trips, sunny days at the beach, or lazy days at home.



? Mindful Exercise: Limit your walks and outdoor playtime to mornings and evenings when the forecast demands sweltering temperatures. 


? People Food: We all love a good outdoor barbeque, but summer snacks, foods, and alcohol should not be a treat for your pet. Even on vacation, protect your fur babies’ digestive tract by avoiding these plants and foods that can harm pets. 




? Transportation: It’s obvious but bears repeating. Don’t leave anything with a heartbeat in a parked vehicle. 


? Summer Trims: While shaving your dog during summer is tempting, this may harm their natural temperature control. Opt for a shorter trim and watch them flaunt their summer fur-do. 


? Looking Cool: First, test the pavement temperature with your hand before allowing your pup to walk on it. Help your dog stay chill with products such as cooling mats, shirts, and bandanas. These items can relieve heat, maintain a healthy body temperature, and bring out Fido’s inner fashionista.




This summer, let’s give a round of a-paws for our beloved pets. While you’re out and about,  we invite you to stop by one of our eight pet-friendly offices for Reno and Lake Tahoe Relocation Guides and summer refreshments. We’d love to meet your four-legged buddies, offer real estate market insights, and celebrate the dog days of summer.   



 Written by Sandi Solomonson