Lifestyle Trends You’re Going To Love


Every year it seems new trends emerge to support our lives. Advances in technology, environmental research, and consumer preferences influence our desire for more balance, ease of everyday tasks, and work flexibility.

Sifting through dozens of trends, we’ve selected our top favorites that parallel daily life in Reno/Lake Tahoe. We hope you fall in love as much as we have with all the positive results these simple new ideas can bring your life.  


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Today’s paint colors can transform a room (or entire home) from bland to extraordinary, adding emotion and personality to your everyday life. From infusing neutral tones that reflect nature to an elegant herringbone backsplash, Realtor Magazine shares all the latest home interior trends to give your abode a fresh look — just in time for spring. 

Additionally, whether you’re a lifelong resident or new to the area, we love matching clients with vendors and local tradespeople to transform, update, or personalize your home.



When Falling Is A Good Thing


Media reports predicting falling interest rates and the positive impact on housing affordability are a daily occurrence. Regionally, lower interest rates and persistently tight housing inventory may ignite buyers to move forward to secure their Lake Tahoe or Reno homes. 

But what about the impact on sellers? National Association of Realtors chief economist Lawrence Yun weighs in with what he considers a growing 2024 trend, even for sellers. 

“Decline in rates could encourage sellers to enter the market. Pent-up sellers cannot wait any longer. People will begin to say, ‘life goes on,'” said Yun. “Listings will steadily show up, and new home sales will continue to do well.”



Branch Out


Wikipedia states, “Biophilic design is a concept used within the building industry to increase occupant connectivity to the natural environment.” Biophilic goes beyond just adding houseplants — expanding to include natural patterns, lighting, fluid lines, and nature-centric architecture. 

For Lake Tahoe, consider sweeping windows that marry a home interior with pine trees, lake views, and granite outcrops. Throughout the Reno/Carson Valley, blurring the line between indoor/outdoor living will ensure you capture every sunset. How about adding natural materials such as bamboo, stone, wood, or a water feature? 

Not limited to your home environment, Space Refinery showcases how “design inspired by nature” can play a part in creating an office space that boosts productivity and serotonin levels while reducing stress and allergens. 


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Conscious Consumerism 


Part and parcel of the Lake Tahoe lifestyle is stewardship of its natural resources. Reducing chemicals in your home while opting to reuse, repurpose, recycle, or repair contributes to less waste. 

“Making informed decisions about products and services focusing on ethical, social, economic, and environmental impact is foundational to conscious consumerism.” Monise McCabe, Vice President of Operations | Sierra Sotheby’s International Realty

This here-to-stay trend of mindful purchasing (or not) is more than just about Earth Day. Promoting an eco-conscious lifestyle is something the whole family can incorporate. The benefits? Protecting our environment through social change, a healthier lifestyle, and, let’s face it, less clutter in your closets. 


The 25-Minute Secret  


As more people work remotely, having a dedicated home office space continues to reign as one of the top must-have amenities for home buyers and renters. According to Forbes Advisor, this shift will continue to grow, with a projected 32.6 million remote workers by 2025. 

Additionally, trends that support a productive work environment continue to swell in demand. Try the Pomodoro Technique, which, using a simple timer or app, suggests a 5-minute break after every 25 minutes of work and a 15 to 30 minute break after four sessions.

Studies show incorporating this technique into your daily work routine will keep your focus and productivity up and pesky stress levels down — a great combo for success.



Get Smart 


Combining technology, scientific research, and a growing demand for healthy living has spurred the continued growth of smart home systems. From sleep trackers to voice command ambient lighting, AI (artificial intelligence) is a driving force toward consumers making better decisions for health, exercise, and home management. 

Many new housing developments, spec homes, and condos include smart tech as an amenity. Just think, your innovative mattress can help you get the best night’s sleep, especially after a full day savoring the countless outdoor activities our region is renowned for.



We hope the above trends are here to stay. Whether you’re using technology to better your daily life, making wise purchase decisions, or seeking to take advantage of friendlier interest rates, we want to hear your stories of how these trends make your daily life easier. After all, a life with more balance and flow is just one facet of what draws us to Lake Tahoe, Truckee, and Reno.


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