Asking The Experts: 7 Reasons To Hire A Buyer’s Agent

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Homebuyers and investors increasingly choose to work with an exclusive buyer agent in an ever-changing real estate industry. Predictions show this trend will increase in the coming years. 


Today, we’re sharing the top 7 benefits of engaging a buyer’s agent to purchase your Lake Tahoe getaway, commercial investment, downtown condo, or valley ranch. As a bonus, we asked three experts, Sierra Sotheby’s International Realty Buyer’s Agents, to share their boots-on-the-ground advice.  


Capitalizing on their experience and knowledge can put money in the pocket of first-time and luxury home buyers and investors while paving a smooth path toward your successful purchase.




What Is A Buyer’s Agent?

A buyer’s agent is an independent, unbiased real estate agent who is compensated by the buyer and represents their sole interests. 


Doesn’t The Seller Pay The Buyer’s Agent Commissions?

Recent legal developments favor buyers paying for their own representation. In other words, the seller and buyer of a real estate transaction will pay their agent commissions separately. 


Do I Need A Buyer’s Agent When Purchasing From A Developer?

The short answer — Yes.

Blake Williams, a highly skilled Reno agent, states, “A buyer’s agent is indispensable when navigating the purchase of a new home with a builder.” His advocacy for purchasing a new home includes: 


  • Properly registering you with the builder
  • Insights into the reputation of the developer and construction quality
  • Beneficial upgrades for future resale value
  • Negotiate favorable terms, especially during pre-construction
  • Understanding of warranties, builder discounts, and timelines
  • Ensure you make informed decisions


205 Shady Valley Road Sparks, NV | Listed by Soni Jackson


A Champion In Your Corner

The buyer’s agent will conduct an initial client consultation. This personalized approach will allow your agent to customize a property search, review mutual agreement compensation, and establish financing qualifications to ensure your budget and dream home align. This is an excellent time to ask questions. 


Inventory and Local Knowledge

Your agent is a tour-de-force with insights that only come from ongoing training and experience.

Beth Taylor, Buyers Agent in Truckee, states, “A skilled buyer’s agent will possess a deep understanding of the intricacies and regulatory requirements inherent to the Lake Tahoe/Reno region.” 


Additionally, your agent may consider emerging opportunities, including new construction and seller concessions.

Beth adds, “An agent’s knowledge will extend to how a property may influence your overall enjoyment, potential return on investment, and maintenance or HOA requirements.”


627 Woodridge Circle, Incline Village NV | Listed by Alex Min/Tom Zikas


Crunching The Numbers

Are you planning on securing a mortgage, 1031 exchange, or unique financing such as seller-carry or trade? What about VA or FHA loan requirements? Your buyer’s agent can introduce you to the right lending professionals, helping you analyze and secure the best financing options.  


Unparalleled Negotiation

Beyond crafting a purchase offer that will resonate with sellers, your buyer’s agent will have the expertise to advise you step by step.

Michelle Seeley, Lake Tahoe agent and real estate investor says, “A buyer’s agent is an invaluable financial strategist. Beyond price, we masterfully negotiate terms, secure concessions, tackle unexpected hurdles, and remain your trusted ally long after the purchase.”



The Paperwork

From inspections and disclosures to regional nuances affecting lenders’ guidelines, your advisor will partner with Sierra Sotheby’s International Realty’s in-house Transaction Coordination team. Together, we manage the intricacies of the escrow process, keep you well-informed, and comply with all documentation—ensuring your protection.

Again, Beth Taylor shares, “Engaging a buyer’s agent provides you with dedicated representation and advocacy right from the start. We serve as a confidential sounding board and advisor before, during, and well after a successful purchase.”



Smooth Moves

With Lake Tahoe’s globally renowned resort communities and Reno’s growing tech industry, many home buyers are long-distance and rely on their agents to support and facilitate a seamless relocation. Whether moving to a new neighborhood or arriving internationally, a qualified agent can connect you with reliable vendors, help coordinate utilities, and ensure your home is ready for movers. We also know where to find the best cup of coffee.



“Don’t be fooled into believing that working directly with the listing agent will grant you leverage. You may inadvertently surrender your position at the negotiation table by foregoing dedicated representation.”

Michelle Seeley


Support and Guidance

Providing exceptional service even after you get the keys to your new home is part of what a buyer’s representative does. From keeping you appraised of your home’s value, upcoming changes to your neighborhood, or under-the-radar investment opportunities, at Sierra Sotheby’s International Realty, we are dedicated to supporting your evolving real estate journey. Working with a committed representative will put you in the driver’s seat of your purchase. Before you know it, you will confidently start a new chapter in your dream home.



Written by Sandi Solomonson