Interior Design Trends For 2023


Let’s face it; the past few years have found many of us carrying some pandemic-induced stress, possibly a few extra pounds, and desiring a sense of calm in our homes. Plus, new flex-work environments and global uncertainties have found us spending more time in our abodes.


Yet, as the world continues to reopen, many of us are eager to shed our homebody tendencies and venture back into life with abandonment. This desire includes adding some luxe flair to our homes. And, while designers will never agree on up-and-coming trends, one thing is for sure: more people are re-evaluating their surroundings. Good architects and interior consultants know how to listen to clients and create spaces that reflect their life stories. To support this, we’ve scanned designer blogs and hot spots for some of our favorite, easy-to-implement design trends to add spice to your home — and life.


Crazy For Craftsmanship 

Consumers continue to take a step back from mass-produced furniture and decor reliant on fossil fuels and petroleum-based materials. Taking center stage is a desire to support local artisans for unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect individuality and spark conversation. How about commissioning a painting from a yet-to-be-discovered art student? Or, working with an artisan to design a custom light fixture, entry table, finely loomed rug, or sculpture? What’s driving this trend? Consumers are increasingly leaning toward self-expression and a yearning for quality over quantity.


Decadent Colors

Just as we’re bursting back out into the world — so is color. For 2023, you can expect to see rich hues that bring more emotion to a space. Deep, saturated colors like reddish browns, jewel tones, rich forest greens, and soft neutrals stand ready for your paint roller. Incorporate these luxurious colors into an accent wall, decor, or a chic office space.


Biophilic Design

Fostering a sustained and positive relationship between people and the natural environment is at the forefront of design. Incorporating materials that reflect the natural world, such as wood, stone, and fibers, is just the beginning. It’s a marriage between your living space and the surrounding environment. Invest in the future of our planet by seeking out (and supporting) design brands that are stewards of our land, thus, promoting a healthier sanctuary you call home.


Embrace Your Curves

We all want our home to exude a relaxed, welcoming feel. In 2023, expect to see angular sofas,  arched doorways, and rounded corners. This trend also expresses itself through uniquely shaped tables, barrel chairs, paint effects, and curved mirrors. All present a fluidness, giving your home a sense of elegance and grace.


What’s Old Is New Again

We continue to see designers and homeowners combing through auction houses and vintage sellers for unique pieces that add character to a home. It’s important to note that this is not a shabby chic, “grandmillenial” trend but a desire to add a sense of nostalgia. Plus, half the fun is hunting for that perfect piece. Clever repurposing and incorporating vintage textiles can create a sense of elegance and poetic charm. Architectural salvage stores often supply vintage tiles, fireplace surrounds, recycled stone surfaces, or that unique antique kitchen sink that takes you back in time. With a little effort, you can add depth and ambiance to any space.


Let The Sunshine In

After a few years of being housebound, there’s nothing like putting your face toward the sun. Designers are showcasing new ideas to maximize natural light in your home. Filtering window treatments made from loose weave natural fibers maintain a sense of privacy while letting in the sunshine. For an extra luxe look, use reflective metal accents — from your local artisan, of course — or a strategically placed mirror to add soft reflection. A darker room, for example, is the perfect setting for layered lighting that focuses and distributes a home-and-hearth glow.



By prioritizing the overall balance of life, 2023 design trends are sure to inspire you to reimagine your living space. We hope these suggestions add some fresh ideas to make your home uniquely reflect your personality with flair and character.