Winter Months and the Holiday Season are a Great Time to Purchase or Sell a Home

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Do houses sell in December? Are the winter months a good time to buy?

Buying or selling a home during the winter months and holiday season may seem daunting, however a recent study shows that both buying and selling a home during the next couple of months provides major benefits.

According to an article, December 26th is the best day to get the best deal on purchasing a home (reported from a study by Attom Data Solutions). On average, the study reports buyers can save around $2,500 by making a home purchase on December 26th. Beyond just the day after Christmas, December is a great month to purchase a home as buyers typically see less competition and sellers may be more willing to negotiate on pricing than in other months of the year. The Attom Data Solutions study reported this trend of positive buying in December while looking at the last five years of sales.

“The winter and holiday months are a great time to make a home purchase. If this is something you’ve been considering, talk with your real estate advisor today to make sure you are keeping current with the inventory and with any price reductions,” said Scott Webber of Sierra Sotheby’s International Realty.

Sellers can also benefit during this time, as buyers during the winter months tend to be more committed and are less interested in casually shopping. If you are selling your home, make sure your home is winterized – this includes checking your furnace, closing any open-air gaps by windows and doors, and possibly adding any new environmentally friendly features that you’ve previously considered. During the winter months, electric bills can certainly increase and for a buyer, seeing energy efficient additions are a major plus.

Also, while holiday décor is abundant during these upcoming months, not everyone will enjoy the same level of holiday spirit. Keep your décor to a minimum if you are planning to sell your home during the holiday months.

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